17 June

I saw white snapdragonlast night. did not see yellowone nearby. it’s gone. II roommate: suspiciousor curious about mytechnical writing? III yesterday’s twilight:a color gradient withlow saturation IV rain cools late spring day,bird hops towards dinner, Iflush’d roach down toilet V new plant baby fromhuman roommate’s office greetsher new green neighbors VI little spider onspider plant;Continue reading “17 June”

13 June

Still working through my haiku backlog… I stick, like the one foundin creek near parents’ home. walked into this one. II is this a teenagesquirrel, or was part of itstail lost in a fight? III seen with moss: dead leaves,slowly decomposing tobecome new soil IV behold, the sunset!it’s lit (specifically,by the setting sun) V socially distancedwalkingContinue reading “13 June”