Older haiku (2014–2016)

Here are some haiku I composed at work, back when I used to work in an office.

14 November 2016

strange atmosphere: feet,
pants-clad legs feel equal warmth
(as if both wear tights)

1 July 2016

fleeing steps, mantraps
sweating to the biergarten
reglazing the floor

4 June 2015

oh no, wendigo!
urging me to take a nap
slurping my life force

13 February 2015

flailing whips from wolves
io, Lupercalia!
holy festal flesh

4 December 2014

chapped chafing skin
falling off like dry snowflakes
thrilling bleeding hands

3 December 2014


sweater over eyes
warm fingers on pulsing lids
nap like a fetus


pushing rolling waves
hidden below oiled sheets
goodnight, water bed!

7 November 2014

knitting with your blood
sweaters for your future young
cozy uterus

22 October 2014

o! a field of meat!
piggies ready for slaughter
my future jamón

19 September 2014

dying chlorophyll
our app returns, brought upon
autumnal breezes

13 August 2014

“ca-caw!” the birds speak
beating wings graze Hamilton
and then flap away

22 July 2014


summer sweat in skirts,
down to absorbent chair foam
in burlap-rough cloth

1 May 2014

“the man”

the man in the wall
watching as you wave to him
“come inside, young man”

By smangley

knowledge manager, writes technical documents, hundreds of haiku

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