March 2020

I plan to write at least one haiku each day that people in the DC metropolitan area are supposed to spend socially distanced.

30 March


bulbous bud, still not
Bulbasaur, and hopefully
not a daffodil


three Chipotle chips 
in one. Not grilled cheese Jesus;
more miraculous

29 March 2020

conical, folded
ombré mushrooms rise between
assorted green plants

28 March 2020

pointillism: paint dots blend
to become image


in a pandemic
small business Saturday is
every Saturday

25 March 2020

brushing, stippling paint
into rocks, water, birds, and
happy little trees

24 March 2020

Georgia O’Keefe:
painter, lover of: desert
life, death; vaginas

23 March 2020


pear blossoms, under
appreciated compared
to cherry, still nice


rain rips white cherry
blossom petals from branches,
decorating grass

22 March 2020

Droid, sort of
Nemean lion, sort of

Nemean lion
buried under Android brand
sort of pointillist?

21 March 2020

passed over a table
pie, hopefully served without

20 March 2020


Second hyacinth
Blossoming while distancing
From other flowers


just the tip

Bulbasaur? alas,
it’s just a growing tulip
not ready to bloom

19 March 2020

nutrition data,
comma delineated,
proves legume greatness

18 March 2020


going offline soon
American FactFinder
(rest in peace, I guess?)


made on Monday night
chocolate chip cookies are
quite full of gluten

17 March 2020

socially distanced
winding yarn into pom-poms
and… writing haiku

15 March 2020

Teeth gripping eggs, hope
New York will prevail, like the
Egg McMuffin rat

7 March 2020

dead leaves decompose
on too-warm earth over Great
Falls, under cute dogs

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